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“As a pet nutritionist, I frequently encounter nutritional gaps in both dry and raw diets for cats and dogs. Among the common deficiencies are magnesium, vitamin E, and manganese.

That's why I consistently advocate for and include PetWell THRIVE as a key supplement to bridge these gaps. With its unique combination of super greens and green-lipped mussels, THRIVE offers an exceptional natural food source. This comprehensive blend transforms THRIVE into an ideal multi-vitamin solution that is suitable and beneficial for all cats and dogs in need of optimal nutrition.”  Jacinta, Chadwick Nutrition

PetWell Thrive supplement and Thrive Functional Treat packs

Human-Grade Ingredients

PetWell® healthy dog and cat treats and supplements are created for pets using human-grade ingredients that are safe for their daily consumption.


PetWell® healthy dog and cat treats and supplements are free of synthetics, preservatives, artificial flavours, and colours.

Professionally Developed

PetWell® dog and cat supplements are formulated by a pet naturopath using ingredients to benefit the health and overall well-being of pets.

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