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PetWell® THRIVE Well-being Gift Pack


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The everyday THRIVE well-being pack has is a great all-around gift option for dogs and cats of all ages. Supporting pet joint health, gut health and improving immunity. Set your pet up for good health and general well-being. Beautifully presented in a natural gift box with gift tag.

Over $125.00 in value for just $109.95! PLUS free shipping Australia-wide.

In stock

The everyday THRIVE well-being gift pack includes:
1 x PetWell® THRIVE supplement (RRP $34.95)
1 x PetWell® THRIVE + DUCK Freeze-Dried Treats (RRP$29.95)
1 x PetWell® Freeze-dried Chicken Breast (RRP $17.95)
1 x  PetWell® Hemp Seed Oil 250ml (RRP$29.95)
1 x hemp or plush toy* (RRP $12.95)

You get more than $125.00 in value for just $109.95! Spoil your fur baby today.

*Note: Included toy will be chosen at random subject to availability.

Benefits of products

PetWell® THRIVE is a natural pet supplement specifically created for bone and muscle development. Whether it’s a growing pet, improving immunity, increased gut health or joint issues, our all-natural PetWell® THRIVE formula can help manage all your pet’s health issues. You can read more about PetWell® THRIVE here.

THRIVE + DUCK, the ultimate functional treat formulated to give your cats and dogs an immune-boosting charge! Freeze-dried duck necks and chicken is infused with PetWell’s THRIVE creates a powerful blend of super greens and naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin for joints. Also packed with anti-inflammatory properties for overall well-being.

Chicken breast is a high-quality Australian protein supporting muscle growth and repair. Chicken breast is a lean protein low in fat. It aids muscle growth, brain function, bone health, and the immune system.

Our hemp seed oil is pure and unrefined 100% cold-pressed Australian-made oil. With the optimal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil helps strengthen immunity.

All PetWell® supplements and treats are created for your pets using 100% all-natural human-grade ingredients. PetWell® THRIVE is beneficial for developing puppies and kittens as well as their general well-being once they are grown. It is safe for daily use.

PetWell® products are proudly Australian-made and owned.


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