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PetWell® Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

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PetWell diced chicken breast is low in fat and high in protein. The small bite-sized pieces are suitable for cats and small dogs. The perfect size for training treats.

PetWell® treats are made from a single ingredient and freeze-dried to preserve raw nutrients and shelf life. The concentrated flavour and aroma make them extremely desirable for dogs and cats. Freeze drying removes all the moisture without compromising the nutritional benefits.

Suitable for cats and dogs.

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PETWELL Freeze Dried Chicken Breast

Our freeze-dried chicken breast is a high-quality Australian protein supporting muscle growth and repair. Chicken breast is a lean protein low in fat. It aids muscle growth, brain function, bone health, and the immune system.

Freeze-dried chicken breast is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains significant amounts of vitamins B3 and B6, which plays a vital role in brain function and the production of red blood cells. It also provides essential minerals such as phosphorus, which promotes bone health, and selenium, an antioxidant that boosts immune function.

The freeze-drying process helps preserve the flavour and nutritional content of the chicken breast.

PetWell® treats are created for your pets using human-grade producethat is safe for their daily consumption.

You can read more about the health benefits of chicken necks on our chicken breast food profile page.

PetWell® products are proudly Australian-made and owned.


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